Girlfriends Hair International

Girlfriends Hair International aspires to combine top-quality hair products and styling accessories with satisfying your beauty needs.

Consider our extensions and wigs as a crowning beauty for your hairs! Improve your looks, boost your confidence. Look like a celebrity, feel like one!

Our ultimate pursuit is to make America look beautiful.

We specialize in dealing with 100% Virgin Human hair extensions and wigs, accessories, and products.

Your satisfaction and happiness is our top priority. We are proud partners of America’s beauty regime. We excel at providing top-class beauty consultation with our 24/7 customer service. We are always with you!

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We source our materials from trusted partners to ensure product quality is not compromised. We acknowledge that the increasing popularity of our products has made us more cautious about our business operations. We have a reputation to protect, and we are proud to have instilled confidence in our product and services across the nation.

We have to provide a one-stop solution for all your hair beauty needs, a flawless shopping experience, professional business operations, and knowledgeable assistance.

Hair care

We provide top-class hair consultation services! Contact us, we can satisfy your beauty needs!

Lace Hairstyle

Our range of Virgin Human Hair extensions and wigs provide a spectacularly flawless look.

Curly Hair

Our range of Virgin Human Hair curly hair extensions and wigs provide a bouncy look.

All Sizes

Our range of luscious lacy and curly hair extensions and wigs comes in all sizes.